Seeing the instant confidence a child realizes when they learn they can balance on one foot; hearing the contented sighs and seeing the glazed eyes of students post-restorative class; knowing that people who come to her classes leave a little bit lighter, a little bit calmer, a little bit stronger, a little more at peace….these are among the reasons Heather teaches yoga and Pound.

A passionate mover, an athlete, and a lover of music and dance since early childhood, Heather’s joy of movement and embodiment comes through in her classes.

Heather’s yoga journey began in 2002 while struggling to balance work and university. The peace she felt after that first savasana was nothing short of magical to her.

In 2005 she began teaching yoga and has gone on to log over 300 hours of training and thousands of hours of teaching. Her specialties include Kid’s Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Sanskrit chanting, and Yoga Nidra.

In the Fall of 2017, Heather became a certified Pound Pro, because Pound was the most cathartic, the most fun, and the sweatiest thing she’d done in years. Today you can find her Pounding in gyms, breweries, parks and schools around Southern Ontario.

As much as movement makes her happy, her favourite pose most days is the glorious Legs Up the Wall, because stillness is where it’s at!

When she is not practicing or teaching she can be found chasing after her two little boys or adding to the precariously tall tower of books on her nightstand.


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